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FotoTagger Galleries: Men of Progress by Christian Schussele, 1862
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    Joseph Saxton
    Cyrus McCormick
    Samuel Colt
    James Bogardus
    William Morton
    Eliphalet Nott
    Peter Cooper
    Joseph Henry
    Jordan Mott
    Charles Goodyear
    John Ericsson
    Frederick Sickels
    Samuel Morse
    Henry Burden
    Richard Hoe
    Elias Howe
    Erastus Bigelow
    Isaiah Jennings
    Thomas Blanchard
    Who invented what ,see [...]
    Men of Progress by Christian Schussele, 1862
    American Art Museum, Washington, DC
Caption: Men of Progress by Christian Schussele, 1862
American Art Museum, Washington, DC
Description: Amazingly Samuel Colt, gun inventor, is also a man of Progress


1. William Morton, 1819-1868. Co-discoverer of anesthesia.
2. James Bogardus, 1800-1874. Inventor whose varied output ranged from engraving machines to the cast-iron building.
3. Samuel Colt, 1814-1862. Gun inventor and manufacturer.
4. Cyrus McCormick, 1809-1884. Inventor and manufacturer of the reaping machine and other agricultural equipment.
5. Joseph Saxton, 1799-1873. Inventor whose devices included tide gauges, hydrometers, and minting machinery.
6. Charles Goodyear, 1800-1860. Inventor whose vulcanization process made rubber useful.
7. Peter Cooper, 1791-1883. Built the first American steam locomotive; innovated in iron and glue manufacture; founded Cooper Union.
8. Jordan Mott, 1799-1866. Inventor and manufacturer in iron and related technologies.
9. Joseph Henry, 1797-1878. Physicist, electric-motor inventor, and first secretary of the Smithsonian Institution.
10. Eliphalet Nott, 1773-1866. Stove inventor and president of Union College for sixty-two years.
11. John Ericsson, 1803-1889. Developed marine steam engines and the screw propeller and designed the revolutionary warship Monitor.
12. Frederick Sickels, 1819-1895. Inventor of cutoff valve crucial to later stationary steam engines.
13. Samuel Morse, 1791-1872. Inventor of the electric telegraph.
14. Henry Burden, 1791-1871. Inventor of horseshoe-making machine and agricultural machinery.
15. Richard Hoe, 1812-1886. Inventor of the rotary printing press.
16. Erastus Bigelow, 1814-1879. Inventor of power carpet looms.
17. Isaiah Jennings, 1792-1862. Inventor of friction matches.
18. Thomas Blanchard, 1788-1864. Inventor of numerous lathes and steam vehicles.
19. Elias Howe, 1819-1867. Inventor of the sewing machine.

Source: http://www.americanheritage.com/articles/magazine/it/2000/3/2000_3_17.shtml 
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